Tuesday, December 06, 2011

In Partnership with the Poor

Artwork by the children of the Mercy Centre


"Waltz Me Around Again, Willie" -- my song with the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra -- has been released on the CD entitled In Partnership with the Poor:  Irish musicians for the Mercy Centre, pictured above.

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Your purchase will help fund a music program for the children of the Mercy Centre, a highly successful charitable organization in Bangkok, Thailand.

Maybe you're wondering how the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra (WSHSO) came to be involved with an organization on the other side of the world.  Well, Mick Moloney who sponsors our group spends a portion of every year at the Mercy Centre.  He has been most impressed with their work with children and communities in the desperately poor Bangkok slums.  The children are often orphans, victims of AIDS and/or various types of abuse.  The Mercy Centre provides schools, hospitals, homes and, above all, love.  From time to time, Mick sends the WSHSO reports from the Mercy Centre.  Some members of our group, like Donie Carroll, have visited there.  After his visit, Donie felt compelled to do something to help the kids, and thus his CD project was born.

Many events have promoted the sale of the CD:

In Partnership with the Poor is a compilation of songs from many artists, all of whom contributed tracks free of charge.  The 20 tracks constitute a really nice mix of Irish music in a variety of styles.  Below are the songs and artists:

  1. Rolling Hills of the Border - Emily McShane and Girsa
  2. McNally's Row of Flats - Mick Moloney
  3. The Night the Goat Broke Loose on Grand Parade - Donie Carroll
  4. The Cat's Meow - Joanie Madden and Cherish the Ladies
  5. Dancing at Whitsun - Marian Makins and Gabriel Donohue
  6. Walts Me Around Again, Willie - Linda Mason Hood and the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra
  7. Star of the County Down - Congressman Joe Crowley and Sean Crowley
  8. The Fox and the Hare - Jimmy Crowley
  9. Miltown Malbay - Victor Cuneen
  10. In Memory of Coleman / Paddy Fahy's - Athena Tergis
  11. The Jetty Queen / The Apple Tree Polka - Máirtín de Cógáin
  12. The Ploughboy - Sean Hennessy and Blackwater
  13. Days of Wonder - Mick Curry
  14. Maudabawn Chapel / Never Was Piping So Gay / Fisherman's Island - Brian Conway and Brendan Dolan
  15. Uncle Jim - Larry Kirwan and Black 47
  16. Murphy Can Never Go Home - Donie Carroll
  17. Johnny, Lovely Johnny - Kitty Kelly
  18. Young Reilly, The Fisherman - Deirdre and Mattie Connolly
  19. Danny Boy - Cathie Maguire
  20. Surgo Hodie / I Rise Today - Marian Makins and Gabriel Donohue

Please give In Partnership with the Poor to lots of people this holiday season.  Since all the music and labor was donated, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Mercy Centre in Bangkok.  It's the gift that keeps giving!!  Place your order today. 

© 2011, Linda Mason Hood
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