Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fernando found my phone!

On Sunday, October 3, I lost my cell phone. The last time I remembered having it was on the ferry returning to Manhattan from Governors Island.  Hoping that it wasn't on the bottom of the New York Harbor, I called it several times but no one answered.  Being an incurable optimist, though, I thought I'd wait a while before canceling the service.  Well, sometimes optimism is rewarded.  Later that evening someone named Fernando actually did call to say he had my phone! 

Fernando and I planned to meet the next day in Battery Park. When I asked how to find him, he said, "just ask anyone for Fernando."  He claimed he was well known to the park regulars since he works there every day as a Statue of Liberty impersonator. Tourists pay him to pose with them for pictures. If you're not familiar with this custom, check out the picture below.

Photo compliments of The Bowery Boys, used with permission,
from their 2008 blog post entitled Spawn of the Statue of Liberty