Monday, July 16, 2012

2010 Vigil for Immigration Justice at Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship

Here's a post that I almost forgot about!  It describes an event two years ago, but the information is still relevant.

On May 1, 2010, Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship joined many churches across the country in a prayer vigil for immigrant justice. I was one of three presenters. I focused on Irish immigration of the nineteenth century while the other two speakers dealt with more recent events.  Jean Montrevil talked about the New Sanctuary Movement, and Confesor Linares, pastor of First Mennonite Church in Brooklyn, described his experience as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

My presentation appears in green text below.  I concluded my talk by singing Mick Moloney's arrangement of McNally's Row of Flats.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My First NYTTS Annual Show

On Saturday, June 2, I attended the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society's Annual Show.  Here, NYTTS members exhibit their pets and receive awards for the quality of their animals as well as the quality of their husbandry.

What fun it was to see all the various turtles and tortoises, some wandering freely in the enclosed playground at the Village Community School where the show was held.

Some tortoises posed for pictures.