Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My First NYTTS Annual Show

On Saturday, June 2, I attended the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society's Annual Show.  Here, NYTTS members exhibit their pets and receive awards for the quality of their animals as well as the quality of their husbandry.

What fun it was to see all the various turtles and tortoises, some wandering freely in the enclosed playground at the Village Community School where the show was held.

Some tortoises posed for pictures.

Others were clearly too busy.

The female red-eared slider below is much bigger than either of my male sliders.

 There were tortoise families in wooden pens...

as well as tortoise gangs in plastic tubs.

There were unusual turtles...

dramatic turtles...

and the occasional dramatic display of affection!

I was particularly glad to have the opportunity to meet Anita Salzberg. I have been receiving her monthly Turtlewife Newsletter ever since I read her book, Confessions of a Turtle Wife. I enjoyed her sense of humor about getting drawn into the strange and wonderful world of turtles via her husband's passion for them. I ordered the paperback in 2004 from the link above, but Confessions of a Turtle Wife it is now available in a variety of eBook formats. Click HERE to read it on your Kindle or iPad.

Photo by Flash Rosenberg

I was also happy to meet Allen Salzberg, a stalwart of the NYTTS who has been actively involved for years in all turtle-related matters in the NYC area and beyond. Allen runs HerpDigest.org, "the only free electronic newsletter reporting the latest news on reptile and amphibian science and conservation." Once a year Allen and I exchange emails when I order the lovely turtle calendars he sells through HerpDigest.

Together, Allen and Anita have written a great book called Turtles (what else?).  Teachers, take note:  this book is appropriate for use with children, and the website offers exercises and additional tips for classroom use upon request.

On her blog Anita recently posted a number of pictures taken at the NYTTS Annual Show.  She's a much better photographer than I am, so have a look at New York Turtle & Tortoise Show 2012.  From Anita's pictures as well as mine, you can see that everyone had a good time, including the neighborhood visitors who stopped by to see the turtles and talk to their owners.

I'll definitely be going back next year.  Maybe I'll even exhibit one of my turtles. Doofus might not win any prizes, but he would sure love roaming that playground!

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