Monday, April 19, 2010

Breaking the Silence / Angela's Ashes

Every now and then this blog goes silent because my schedule goes completely out of control. But now I'm back. I have loads of things I've been waiting to post. The "travels" topics range from some in-depth description of my adventures in East London last summer to recommendations about sightseeing in New York. Although vegetarian concerns are still a theme of this blog, I can't say I have any urgent "truffles" posts. However, I have an interesting "tunes" post coming up, as well as a new "technology" feat to report -- and you can be sure that "turtles" will creep in somehow!

I have just finished reading Angela's Ashes for the third time. I love that book. Every time I read it, I appreciate it for a different reason. This time I zoned in on how as young children we don't see how bad things really are. Regardless of what is wrong (poverty, bad parenting, poor relationships amongst family members), we accept our family life until we mature enough to start realizing that other families are different. Frank McCourt illustrates the lovely things as well as the unlovely things about both his parents, without bemoaning or extolling either aspect.

So come on back! Blogging season is in full bloom - just like spring!

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reinbald said...

ok, nice, I was afraid the blog went out like a candle