Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sea Turtle Rescue Update

Photo from Sea Turtle, Inc., used by permission.

I went to the Sea Turtle, Inc. website tonight for news on the turtles I blogged about in my previous post. Wow! They have been BUSY down there in South Padre Island! Over 120 green sea turtles have now been rescued. So far only 4 were found dead (although a few others died afterwards). Apparently in "cold stunning events" like this, the live turtles turn up first, and the dead ones follow over the next several days or even weeks. I guess it's still too early to estimate the loss.

Many organizations and volunteers are working together to find and care for the green sea turtles. To mention just a few: the CCA/CPL Marine Development Center operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Corpus Christi is caring for 52 of the turtles. The Texas State Aquarium Sea Lab, also in Corpus Christi, has another 43 turtles. Many other groups have helped in many ways, and the Sea Turtle, Inc. website names a good many of them. Volunteers are still needed to search beaches - and cash donations are badly needed for medicines, supplies, transportation, etc. Please consider giving what you can. Click here to donate.

Please note that I've added Sea Turtle, Inc. to the Turtle & Misc. Animal Links on the right side of the screen. And if you liked the picture above, be sure to catch the TV show called Animal Planet on the Discovery Channel tomorrow January 26th at 7 AM. They are running a feature story on sea turtles.

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Kipluck said...

Oh I wish I had cable and could follow that story! I am glad they are ab;e to help so many though.