Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gossiping Ladies

[With this post I'm returning to the photo competition series that started November 9 and was interrupted on December 2. You can do a quick review of all those pictures by clicking on the "Fun Photos" topic label on the right.]

Here's the winning photo of the employee photography competition. This picture from the News category seemed to be the overall favorite of the judges. Not surprising, since I work for a news organization and the judges were the senior photo editors. I’ve included their comments with the caption.

The category with the least number of entries was News but it managed to generate, in the opinion of the judges, the best overall picture of the competition. Warsaw-based Sales Executive Anna Jelowicka sent in this great picture of two women deep in conversation behind the back of a new priest in Nowicka in southern Poland. Senior photographer Dylan Martinez commended Anna for having captured a nice off-beat moment. Selecting Anna's entry as the best in the competition Martinez described Anna's picture as "Wonderful, it just gets better every time I look at it."

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