Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JFK's Tweeting Turtles

Wikipedia's public domain photo by Mary Hollinger, NODC biologist, NOAA

Turtle Tidbit #3 is a report on the diamondback terrapins on the runway today at JFK International Airport. Flights were delayed by about 30 minutes while airport officials picked up the turtles and relocated them to a safer nesting area. JFK Airport borders Jamaica Bay where the turtles live. They leave the water every year around this time to lay eggs, and their appearance at JFK is an annual event. Today there seemed to be an unusually large number of them -- the highest count I read was 150.

The press had a field day with this story. Please check all the links below for the variety of pictures they contain as well as the audio from the flight tower.

The headlines ranged from factual ...

... to whimsical.

Prize for the most outrageous headline goes to The New York Daily News:

Unlike previous years, this year's internet savvy turtles wasted no time in getting themselves a Twitter account. News of their tweeting was nearly as big their presence on the runway!

And of course, you will want to visit the JFK Turtles' Twitter site:   JFKTurtles

I surely have had fun following the various news organizations as they posted their articles throughout the day.  Turtles RULED today!!!  Hopefully the local raccoons don't eat ALL the diamondback terrapin eggs.  It would be a shame if all this turtle news didn't yield a good crop of turtles!

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