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Waltz Me Around Again, Willie

Updated November 28, 2011


That's my song!

I sang it at Symphony Space on March 10th, backed by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, and three harmony singers ...

I sang it again on March 18th at the Blarney Star concert at Glucksman Ireland House to launch the WSHSO's new CD ...

I recorded it with the WSHSO in May ...

I sang it at the launch of the Mercy Centre fundraiser CD, In Partnership With The Poor, on November 14 at the Irish Repertory Theatre ...

And it's now it's available for purchase!!
To order, click HERE.

Waltz Me Around Again, Willie was written by Will D. Cobb (lyrics) and Ren Shields (music) for a 1906 vaudeville production called “Miss Dolly Dollars.” The song immediately became a #1 hit and was popular for years afterward.

Waltz Me Around Again, Willie Later in his career, when his piano playing utilized all ten fingers, Waltz Me Around Again, Willie as a hilarious improvised climax to a Marx Brothers performance in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Here's Harpo's description:  "we played a six-handed, (page 118,

This popular parlour song found its way into the works of some well-known writers.  In a scene from his 1932 comedy Eugene O'Neill has one of the actors whistling Waltz Me Around Again, Willie. Waltz Me Around Again, Willie

Waltz Me Around Again, Willie came to me from Thailand.  Mick Moloney, who sponsors the WSHSO, heard the song at the Mercy Centre where he spends half of every year working with Father Joe Maier and others who care for abandoned, orphaned, and trafficked children in the slums of Bangkok. It seems that Waltz Me Around Again, Willie is Father Joe's favorite song! Mick thought it would be a good song for me to do with the group.

Upon receiving the mp3 file Mick sent me, I was immediately struck by the song's old-fashioned charm and a delightful humorous outlook. It refers to things that barely exist any more like dry goods stores and the magic of waltzing away your everyday cares.

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In the picture above, I am singing Waltz Me Around Again, Willie at the WSHSO's big CD launch concert on March 18th. To quote a phrase from the song: "I feel like a ship on an ocean of joy..."

The WSHSO recorded my song in May. Production on the track was finished in the fall.  Willie is our group's contribution to a fund raising CD for the Mercy Centre. I'm just ever so grateful to Mick for asking me to sing this song, and I'm equally pleased that it will be used to support such a great cause. Please buy a copy.  To order, click HERE.  Share my happiness and support the Mercy Centre!

In the meantime, if you're not familiar with Waltz Me Around Again, Willie, have a listen to Billy Murray's version recorded on an Edison cylinder in 1906.

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