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St. Patrick's Day Performances, 2011

(updated on March 20th with pictures and videos links!)

The season of St. Patrick actually began for me before I turned the calendar into March. The Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra started rehearsing quite some time ago for our upcoming concerts. Here's a list of all our gigs, including the March 18th launch of our new CD Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley Hooley.

To see how this year's performances compare with years past, click on the new label I created for St. Patrick's Day posts. Look under Topic Labels, on the right side of the screen.

3/4/2011 -- The St. Pat’s For All Benefit Concert
The WSHSO played at the annual fundraiser in support of the inclusive St. Pat’s For All Parade taking place Sunday, March 6 in Sunnyside, Queens. St. Pat’s For All celebrates the diversity of the Irish and Irish American communities of New York. The fundraiser was held at the Irish Arts Center.

3/6/2011 - WSHSO appearance on Ceol na nGael, WFUV, 90.7 FM
We were on the air for about 25 minutes.  Click HERE to hear our portion of the program.

Liz Hanley, me, Don Meade, Donie Carroll, Gail Neely holding Henry Neely
and Mick Moloney in WFUV's studio in December, 2010.

3/8/2010 - Reception at the home of the Irish Consul General
Consul General Noel Kilkenny hosted a party to congratulate us on our new CD. Attendance was by invitation only. How cool is that!

Noel Kilkenny (left) looks on as our group gets organized to play a selection from our new CD. I am the blurry one in the middle, leaning over to consult with Mick Moloney.

3/10/2011 - St. Patrick's Cathedral Irish Heritage Concert
Free concert featuring the St. Patrick's Choir, Mick Moloney and friends, and the WSHSO. Here we are, sitting in the sanctuary on the steps next to the crypt where the archbishops are buried, waiting our turn in the program.

Photo by Deborah Kapchan, used with permission.

The link below is to a website called Currents, a daily online Catholic News magazine, which features a 3-minute video story about the annual Irish Heritage concert. Mick Moloney is interviewed, and there's footage of us on stage in this year's concert. Have a look!

    3/11/2011 - Tribute to the Famous McNultys
    The WSHSO joined Mick Moloney and friends at Symphony Space to celebrate the McNulty family, the last of the great vaudevillians in America.

    Photo by Scott Spencer, used with permission.
    3/12/2011 - St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral
    The WSHSO played for the reception following the Gaelic mass at noon. Here we are, wishing the sun would come back out. It was a chilly 50 degrees.

    photo belonging to Lisa Farber (center flute player), used with permission

    The link below will take you to another video from the Currents website. This one explains a bit about Old St. Pat's and the importance of the Gaelic mass. And once again, there is footage of us performing at the reception.

    3/18/2011 - Blarney Star Concert Series: WSHSO CD Launch Concert
    This was the official launch of our new CD, Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley Hooley, which features a great selection of traditional tunes and songs, many from the Golden Age of Irish-American music-making in the 1920s and ’30s. (for more info, see my March 18th post)

    (c) 2011 Marilyn Stern /

    3/19/2011 - Edison Place restaurant in Glendale, Queens
    I played Irish tunes with Liz Kennedy Bradley and Donie Carroll of the WSHSO, entertaining patrons in the bar/restaurant between 10 and midnight.9 and 11 pm. Part of our remuneration was a wonderful dinner. Donie was particularly happy with his dessert - vanilla ice cream with fresh berries, topped with a sprig of mint and an almond cookie, served in a milkglass dessert cup resembling a waffle cone!

    Photo by Liz Kennedy Bradley, used with permission.

    Finally, let me wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. And hey, if you abbreviate name of this holiday, check out Paddy, not Patty to ensure you do it correctly!

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