Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Vote against Vista

I have now officially cast my vote against the new Windows Vista operating system. I decided to return the laptop I've been struggling with. (see my previous post, Vista Woes) I am exchanging the Lenovo T61 14" widescreen with Vista for a T61 with a 14" standard screen and Windows XP operating system.

Here's an interesting fact about comparative screen sizes. As you probably know, screen sizes are measured on the diagonal. That can be misleading. Fact is, when you sit a 14" standard laptop screen next to a 14" widescreen, the widescreen is nearly an inch shorter. Yes, it's wider - but shorter. That means when you open MS Word or Outlook and maximize the screen, you see quite a bit of blank space on the right, and the part of the screen displaying text is shorter. Assuming similar resolution and font size, the actual area of use is smaller on the widescreen than it is on the standard screen. I think one must watch an awful lot of widescreen movies to justify the desktop real estate lost to everyday usage.

In summary, I believe the 14" standard screen laptop loaded with Windows XP is what we want. Delivery is scheduled for sometime around February 7th. I will spend a little time configuring XP, transferring data, and loading programs. Perhaps by Valentine's Day my husband can use what was supposed to be a Christmas present!

Going back to my original Lenovo order, all is not entirely resolved. I am still waiting for the RMA number needed to actually put the widescreen in a box and mail it back. My sales rep assures me I will have it in a few days. I am also waiting for confirmation on the amount I have to pay as a restocking fee. The website says 15%. In writing my sales rep said 10%, so I'll protest if they try to stick me with 15%. I fear more haggling will be required before I finally get rid of the widescreen, but I'm comforted knowing the decision to send it back was the right one - for us anyway.

Stay tuned, then, for more of these "exciting" technology adventures. Personally, I'll be relieved when I can write about Tunes again!

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