Friday, June 08, 2007

Sorcha Dorcha, the band

These pictures were taken by my friend Harry Peronius at Sorcha Dorcha's Lower East Side Festival performance.

Linda Hood (flute), Bob Godfried (guitar), Lorcan Otway (uillean pipes) and Tyler Lienhardt (fiddle).

Linda Hood (vocals), Bob Godfried (button accordion), Lorcan Otway (vocals & guitar) Tyler Lienhardt (bodhran)

and this little one which will become my profile picture.
Thanks, Harry!

Photos by Harry Peronius, used with permission.

© 2007, Linda Mason Hood
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1 comment:

Lorcan said...

Great photos! Great band as well... I have followed their music for years now, really a great show, great songs, great tunes... brilliant

annonymously yours
lorcan otway

PS really my favorite band...