Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spring Comes to 14th Street

Many people find it surprising to learn how many trees and flowers there are in NYC. All the residential areas -- even in Manhattan -- are lined with trees, and flowers sprout from flower beds and window boxes.

My apartment complex, Stuyvesant Town, was particularly lush and green this morning. Here's the view from my window at 7 AM.

Just last week the trees in Union Square (3 blocks away) were that pale green color which lasts only a few days, when the buds have just burst open and the leaves are not yet fully unravelled.

When the flowering trees were in peak bloom, there were white trees on 14th Street just outside Stuyvesant Town ...

and pink trees further down 14th Street at Union Square.

There were azaleas outside my building ...

and daffodils by the subway entrance.

This week the flowering trees are have changed to green and the leaves are fully open. Here's the center of Stuyvesant Town as seen from the kiddie's playground outside my building.

Yes, some call it the concrete jungle. Betcha they don't live here!

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