Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sea Turtle Rescue Update and Pictures

Tonight Sea Turtle Inc. reported that the rescued green sea turtles can be released soon. A total of 148 turtles were rescued, and 111 of them have survived. A few remain at Sea Turtle Inc. The rest are now at the Corpus Christi Fish Hatchery.

Here are some excerpts of the many pictures in Sea Turtle Inc.'s photo album. These pictures will give you a sense of the work that's been done.

Picked off the beaches

Pulled out of the water

Hauled ashore, some weighing up to 100 pounds.

An office full of turtles

to be weighed...

and measured,

and warmed up under heat lamps.

Barnacles are scrubbed off.

dozing, all clean and cozy

and swimming - gorgeous!

Tagged for future study.

Loaded onto trucks

and shipped to Corpus Christi Fish Hatcheries to await warmer weather.

Photos in this post belong to Sea Turtle, Inc., used by permission. 

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