Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Truffles Redefined

When I started this blog, my first post (May 7, 2006) stated that the word "truffles" in the title above refers to my journey down the road to becoming a vegetarian. From time to time since then I've expressed some thoughts on that subject. Yesterday as I considered what Christmas dinner would have been if there were no turkey, I realized that I will probably never be a vegetarian. To assume that label would show disrespect for the many people who have succeeded in changing their eating habits. Maybe I'm too old, or to reluctant to cook, or too reliant on food for emotional support. Time to be honest about this: whatever the reasons, my vegetarian resolve is not sufficient to keep me away from meat and poultry. Despite my efforts, I still eat way too much meat and poultry to consider myself a vegetarian by anybody's definition.

Taking a more practical stance for the upcoming year, then, here's what I've decided.
  • I will increase my support for organizations like Food Animals Concerns Trust (FACT) that work to make the farming industry more humane.
  • When consuming animal products, I will try to find those that are humanely produced.
  • I will continue my efforts to reduce my intake of meat and poultry.
In light of all that, I'm redefining and broadening the word "truffles" in the blog title. For 2007, the "truffles" theme will refer to my efforts to eat a healthy diet and to exercise, which is a far greater concern for me at the moment.

This reflective post must be a sign that Christmas is over and New Year's Eve is right around the corner.

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