Monday, May 22, 2006

Career Satisfaction

I have accepted a NEW JOB -- and resigned from my current job. Finally! Been job hunting off and on since last November.

I’m now in that weightless period defined by no longer bearing responsibility for any particular set of job-related problems. Nirvana. Handing off all my present projects, and not yet having taken on new projects.

A brief Florida vacation on the horizon.

What a wonderful period of time! I will savor every moment until June 12 when I begin the new job. Hopefully it will be better than this one.

Hope… yet another defining quality of this period of time. Hope has been restored to my workaday world. Things appear rosier. Ambition and confidence return. Life is good.

Maybe it will take longer this time, before it all starts to deteriorate and the search must begin anew.

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mbg said...

Congratulations! I want all the details.
Come hang out with me and Cana sometime before June 12.